Buying Your Parakeet Online

September 3, 2008 by  

We’ve selected PayPal since it is the best trusted method for online payments and for it’s ease of use.

It’s easy to buy a bird from us:

  1. We help you select your bird.
  2. We send you a “Request for Funds” email from PayPal.
  3. You click the link on the email and are brought to PayPal. You can pay via your PayPal account or by any major credit card.
  4. We ship your birds to you via special care bird transport using major airlines.
  5. You pick up your new birds at the airport.

Adding one of our birds to your family is quite simple. As mentioned elsewhere in the site, we like to talk with you to find out your needs and which bird will be the best companion for your family and lifestyle. You can either use our contact form or call us 🙂

Once you’ve selected the bird you’d like, we’ll send you a email notification or Request For Payment from PayPal. You’ll know it’s the real thing because you’ll have spoken with us and the amount will be pricely what you’ve selected.

Once you get the email, all you’ll need to do is click on the link in the email and it will take you immediately to the secured PayPal website.

You can either submit the payment via your PayPal account or if you have one you can pay by credit card using PayPal’s form.

It works very simply and ensures the maximum security for you.

P.S. When we talk with you we’ll explain how your birds will be shipped via a major airline and ready for you to pick up at your local airport.